Welcome to New Energy Technologies, Inc.

New Energy Technologies, Inc., quoted on the OTCQB under the symbol NENE, is focused on the research, development and eventual commercialization of emerging next-generation alternative and renewable energy technologies. We are developing:

  • A novel MotionPower™ technology which generates electricity from the motion of vehicles, and
  • The first-of-its-kind SolarWindow™ technology capable of generating electricity on see-through glass windows.
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    March 4, 2015 • New Energy Announces Name Change, New Stock Symbol, and Exclusive Focus on SolarWindow™
    February 25, 2015 • New Energy’s Electricity-Generating SolarWindow™ Trumps Competition with Industry’s Fastest-Ever Payback
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    Our first-of-its-kind SolarWindow™ technologies, which generate electricity on see-through glass and flexible plastics with colored tints popular to skyscraper glass. Unlike conventional systems, SolarWindow™ can be applied to all four sides of tall towers, generating electricity using natural and artificial light conditions... More Info

    Our novel MotionPower™ energy harvesting systems generate sustainable electricity by capturing the excess kinetic energy produced by moving cars, small trucks, and heavy commercial vehicles. Our MotionPower™ devices are engineered to generate electricity from the 250 million vehicles...More Info